Tuesday, 28 June 2011

about me :)

this is my new acc...
pass lupe daa..kene create yg baru..

arini sye nk cite about myself..

kwn2 yg rapat ngn syee msty taw sye ni type yg cmnee,,
n of course sye ni type yg a little bit manja.
i tried to hide or avoid myself to be this type..
bcoz its look like 'lembik ' je..
i tried so  many times but emm.,,
it seems it doesnt work..
automatically i will be originally me..

about my frenss...

i love my frens so much!
i mish my bestie :))
her name is fahada n aina...

this is my best fren at jengka
which is syidada n ayu..

i love them so much!
dorang sgt caring ..
pape pon mesty dorang risau mane sye pegy
dgn sape
n evryhing about me..!
aku xkan lupe korang...
lastly ex roomates syee which is ariey kacak!

die ni sgt suke called me childish...
no la ariey..
im 20 years old oke?
bnyk kali ckp pon die ni mesty nk kenekan syee..
sye rindu roomates sye dulu...
tp exclude BUDAK TU k?
only 2 of you...

k la..
nk siapkan assingment..
bubye olls!
peace :))

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